Burger Hero is an innovative, healthy, home-style concept that offers a wide selection of delicious, wholesome and healthy meal options and it’s looking
at expanding to new areas in the region.
Already a favourite, Burger Hero dishes up fresh, healthy gourmet meals with every dish designed to incorporate nutrient dense ingredients.
Serving up a huge variety of sustaining and healthy meal options, bursting with nutritional ingredients, offers a sumptuous meal, lunch and dinner menu.



Our team is exceedingly working to create a system that can be easily scaled and replicated across the market. We are under heavy development with our business plan by trying to address all areas of the Burger_Hero business model, supply chain, cost control, build-out timing, site selection,marketing, buzz creation, to ensure that each market can be easily opened, rapidly grown, and profitably operate Our goal is to expand by teaming with passionate partners who share in our mission to establish Burger_Hero as the most convenient destination for healthy meals and snacks, served quickly while maintaining the highest quality of service and ingredients.


• Having a value system in accordance will ensure proper assimilation across and through the organisation culture.
• The ability to replicate and maintain the same or similar consistency in the entire cycle of outlet management.
• A solid foundation of understanding all the legalities and fundamental skills needed to operate a business is mandate.



With proven and profitable cycle of business launched within its operations, Burger_Hero has already cultivated a loyal fan base and generated strong traction. The local eatery is in the next stage of implementing our plans, with the aim of new openings in near future, across several geographic areas.
With plans for growth, Burger_Hero is looking for interested and qualified business partners with significant F&B experience.